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In addition to their leadership and service, past and current members of the NBT, FMA, and TPA boards of directors have committed to building a strong legacy for the manufacturing industry.

Donate to the Board Chairs’ Endowment

Lakeshore Tech College Camp

Helping the Next Generation Discover Their Future in Manufacturing

The Board Chairs’ Endowment fund was established by this group of dedicated volunteers, with initial backing from NBT/FMA President and CEO Ed Youdell, to provide sustained support for first-year NBT manufacturing camp grants. By providing exposure to modern manufacturing facilities and hands-on experiences, NBT camps are focused on helping the next generation further develop the interest, skills, and passion to pursue careers in manufacturing.

The NBT camp program has grown tremendously since the first camp grant was awarded in 2005. In 2019, the Foundation expects to provide support to over 100 camps across the U.S., serving nearly 1,700 youth between the ages of 12 and 16. In many cases, attending an NBT camp will be a student’s introduction to manufacturing and their first experience designing, making, and manufacturing a product with their own hands.

Harper College InZone Camp

Investing in Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Workforce

NBT believes that a solution to the skilled labor shortage begins by introducing tomorrow’s workforce to the exciting world of manufacturing. Summer manufacturing camps are effective in doing so and the Board Chairs’ Endowment will ensure this strong beginning perpetuates well into the future.

Join the Foundation’s directors as they continue setting the pace for the next generation of manufacturers. Your gift of $1,000 will help meet the goal of $50,000 to fully fund the endowment and ensure the future expansion of the NBT manufacturing camps program. Donate today!